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the born losers

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The Born Losers
Rock and Roll
Originally Hailing from Anchorage Alaska

The Born Losers formed in the fall of 1999, with three original members Ryan Sollee (guitar and vocals), Gabe Castro (guitar), and Ben Roberts (drums). All are huge fans of the stripped down brilliance of bands such as The Makers, Teengenerate and Thee Michelle Gun Elephant. With the explosion of "new" rock and roll bands surfacing at that time i.e.: The Murder City Devils, The Hives, and The Mooney Suzuki. Alaska needed it's own version of rock and roll and this was the Born Losers. From the beginning the band brought to Anchorage something it had never seen, or heard before; 2 stripped down screaming guitars, banging drums, songs about lost loves and lost lives, and no bass at all. The early shows were rowdy and loose, but there was an energy this band had that the resoundingly metal/punk music scene in Alaska had never witnessed before. Soon a few brave souls risked their lives on frozen roads in snow storms to check out the Born Losers.

The Born Losers local success continued and they were given opening slots for The Black Halos, Man…Or Astroman, and Flogging Molly. In 2002 they were privileged enough to share the stage with The Murder City Devils when they visited Alaska just prior to their final tour. In 2001 the losers recorded a demo and mailed it out to everyone and anyone outside of Alaska who they thought could record them. One of the few responses was from Jack Endino, the man behind countless records that the losers had heard and loved, and in the spring of 2001 the Born Losers recorded "Open All Nite". This record features 12 tracks of high octane rock and roll, it has been sold only at shows so far, but was given very positive write-ups in various Anchorage zines and entertainment papers, along with a glowing review in Maximum Rock and Roll.

In the last year the losers have expanded into a five piece adding bass (Andrew Dirtcult) and a new drummer (Shane St.Clair), with Ryan moving exclusively to vocals. This new version of the losers is louder, more dynamic, and has doubled their energy at live shows. In the fall of 2003 the losers relocated to Portland, Oregon. Their immediate plans are to play as many shows as possible, attempt to formally release their record, and hopefully tour early next year.

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